My view on Bodybuilding basics

There is a couple of areas I would like to discuss regarding bodybuilding basics, all these views I implemented in the time I competed from 1991 to 2004 and in that time I have gained a total of 52kg of muscle as you can see below:

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Progress..!!! Yeah!

OK all athletes in the team did great at SA Champs! Everybody made Top 3 except for Steve… but for his first real year in competing and stepping into a lineup of about 20 guy’s he made the top 10! and let me tell you… the top 10 guy’s were all bloody great, what a line up! Louis placed second in his division, for his first shot at knocking the Seniors off the mountain, he rocked the boat for them! Keri went to the World Champs and placed in the top 15 the week after SA Champs, what a achievement!!!

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