Progress..!!! Yeah!

OK all athletes in the team did great at SA Champs! Everybody made Top 3 except for Steve… but for his first real year in competing and stepping into a lineup of about 20 guy’s he made the top 10! and let me tell you… the top 10 guy’s were all bloody great, what a….

Magic Week Starts – SA Champs

Everyone in TEAM BUTTERTON has entered into “THE MAGIC WEEK” as I like to put it! It’s the week before a contest where things really change…. It’s when we pull all the tricks out of the bag to make sure everyone’s skin becomes paper thin and their muscles are full and round! It’s a real art….

27 March 2013 One Year After Transplant

Today is the 27 March 2013, I’m currently in the Christiaan Barnard Hospital ward 9A… it’s 9h30am… last year this exact time I was here…. waiting to be fetched for the operation and a long road was ahead of me….Now I am here just for a check up and everything is going so well! One….

Training Progress & Kidney status!

Well it’s nearly a year post transplant now and honestly I cannot believe the change 1 year can make!! I will post photo’s again on 1 year post transplant… OK first things first… Regarding how the kidney is doing…