Kidney workup… weeks flow into one!

As I look back at July it feels like a year has gone by! It’s funny if you want time to pass faster, it slows down. So, let me begin with the first week of July.

At the beginning of June my sister and I had all scans and tests done, so the first week of July we had set up to see all the doctors and surgeons etc. etc… to discuss everything with us about our tests. So, we all flew up to Cape Town and spent the week there.

Everything went very smoothly but my sister’s blood pressure was on the upper margin, so they wanted her to do a 24-hour blood pressure test. So when we were all got back home she her doctor arranged for that, but the Cape Town doctor was still not happy because her blood pressure was normal then a bit up then normal then a bit up… so this week he want her to have her blood pressure tested every day by her doctor to evaluate it over a week… so far it’s still normal then up then normal… etc. etc.. Hopefully by the end of this week they will put her on light blood pressure medication just to keep it normal without going up every now and again… she will most likely have to be on the medication for 4 weeks then do another 24-hour blood pressure test, if everything is OK then they will set a date for the transplant! So, it’s another waiting game!

With kidney failure comes a low immune system because of the medication you have to take and because of that a person gets sick easy and need to be extra careful what you do… for example… here is what happened to me in July…

The week before we went to Cape Town I walked into one of my gym machines and got a cut on my shin… I did not think much of it and just wiped the blood off and did not put anything on it to disinfect it!! That was very stupid because the week after we returned from Cape Town that Monday morning I felt fine, I had my normal workout, but Tuesday morning I felt smashed… I tried to train but could not finish the workout, it felt like a truck drove over me… by Wednesday I started doing things very slow and just acted funny… I still did not think much of it. Thursday Ruth had to go to East London for a big horse show and the plan was that I would have dialysis early Friday morning and then drive down to East London and take my niece down as well. So, Thursday evening I packed everything to leave directly after dialysis. Friday morning, I could not wake up, Ruth phoned me about 6 times to see where I was coz I was late for dialysis… I jumped up and quickly rushed off… During dialysis I could not stay awake and everyone asked me if I was OK… I started to forget everything I was doing!? Directly after dialysis I drove home and felt a bit funny and my hands started to shake, I thought either the dialysis machine removed too much water out of my system or my blood pressure dropped to low. I picked up my clothes and the huskies then drove and picked up my niece. We left Port Elizabeth and drove to East London, during the trip I started feeling much worse and the shakes in my hands increased. We stopped at Port Alfred and I took the huskies for a quick walk, but it was more like a drag coz they dragged me all around… lol.

When we left Port Alfred it was late afternoon, I started losing strength in my hands and I wanted to fall asleep all the time… to cut this story short my niece had to wake me about 5 times and I eventually had to stop when I drove over those road yellow and black signs. I could not drive anymore, and my niece was too scared to drive. I had to phone Ruth to come get us, so Ruth and my mom had to drive about 70 km to drive the Amarok to East London, by this stage I could not remember what I was doing, I could not even type a message on my phone, something was clearly very wrong!

We got to East London in one piece, but I did not know what I was doing… Ruth thought I got a brain haemorrhage! Very funny hey… not!

Saturday morning, I was even worse, I did not recognise Ruth or my mom and I could not even dress myself. Trust Ruth to take advantage of the situation coz she dressed me is the silliest and funny looking clothes then took photos of me that I will not upload!!!! Ha ha

OK OK OK… I’ll cut this short as well… Ruth had to go to the horse show, the whole Saturday I was shaking like shaking Steven!! But by Saturday evening I started getting better… Sunday I could start remembering thing, but I still battled to type on my phone… Sunday afternoon Ruth drove us back to Port Elizabeth. Monday, we had some blood tests done and it turns out that I got a bacterial infection in the cut in my shin and the viral load in my blood was way way over of what it should be!!! All that because I did not clean the cut on my shin immediately!! It nearly killed me!! But what does not kill you makes you stronger! I must admit though that was hell going through that, I must have had a couple of angels looking after me that week coz if I think back now how easily it could have turned out bad for me!

I always laugh at people sweating the small stuff in life, like if someone hurts their feelings or if a couple argues about money or road rage or even lazy people that battles to get out of bed to train or people that complain that they have the flue…. All those people need a big fat smack!

Kidney failure is the worst thing that have ever happened to me, but it has changed me into a totally different person! I have become a person that understands how important the small things in life is, like walking on the beach with your partner! Small things! Kidney failure has taught me so many things about health and how to take care of it, so when I “coach” athletes I make sure their health comes first!

So many other things happened in July but the most important thing now for us is to play the waiting game for me to get a final date for the transplant! I wish I can speed it up, but patience is the key or, so they say! I hope this world is ready for me when I’m finally transplanted this year! Ruth get ready…

“NEVER give UP! NEVER give IN!”


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