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Kidney Walk
Kidney Walk
Quite a lot have happened since the last update. In my last update I was going to fly to Cape Town for a kidney biopsy! Well I did go….

But they never did a biopsy on me… I went and got admitted in hospital they ran lot’s of tests and finally my doctor saw that some of the medication they gave me was raising my creatinine level…. So I they changed the medication for something else and all my levels normalized again!!! It’s just under 6 month’s since my transplant and things have settled more with my new kidney. My blood tests have leveled out and my energy levels have sky rocketed!
My training is going really well and I finally feel that I am making real progress!! My strength is coming up every workout and all the aches and pains that I always constantly felt in my body is going away!! AND FINALLY i can drive Ruth MAD!! Lol…
I am training 4 day’s on and 1 day off, but no matter what I take sunday off!!! So this is how my workouts are split up. It’s workout out for maximum recovery for each trained muscle part! Maximum Recovery = Maximum Growth!
Day1 – Thighs, Hamstrings, Calves
Day2 – Chest, Front Delts, Side Delts
Day3 – Back, Back delts, Traps, Calves
Day4 – Biceps, Triceps
Day5 – OFF
Day6 – Strart with day 1
With my diet… Well most people hate me with how I eat… I have a VERY high metabolism and my body fat always stays below 10% year round… I know I know… that’s horrible hey!!.. lol… Currently I do not take any supplements… I keep my calories very high! roughly I eat minimum every day at least 3 eggs in shakes with full cream milk with lots of bananas, 1/3 of a roast chicken in sandwiches throughout the day, minimum 2 liters of milk, a good supper with fillet steak, rice ect… minimum 1.5liters of water and whatever i feel like adding…. I know I know… bla bla bla… don’t try to eat like this… this will make you FAT… not me… When I used to compete as a bodybuilder I only needed to diet for 4 – 6 weeks then my body fat dropped to 3%… so trust me my metabolism is way too fast…
Other than that life is going GREAT! You know going through a kidney transplant and everything I have gone through is the worst thing that could happen to any person! But the funny thing is that when you have gone through it… it changes your whole life… mentally I mean! Never again will I take life for granted… the here and now is so important! Don’t put things out! NEVER! If it’s a bad day or a good day, go do what you planned! You might never have that chance again! You only live once! Enjoy it as much as you can with the people you love!!
“NEVER give in, NEVER give up!”

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