27 March 2013 One Year After Transplant

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25 March 2013
25 March 2013
Today is the 27 March 2013, I’m currently in the Christiaan Barnard Hospital ward 9A… it’s 9h30am… last year this exact time I was here…. waiting to be fetched for the operation and a long road was ahead of me….Now I am here just for a check up and everything is going so well! One year… how life can change so quick!

I am so fortunate to have the people I have in my life! My parents, both of them have taught me so much and my mom have not only taught me about how to be a good person but also how to be the strongest person I know by giving me one of her kidneys and giving me back my life and she is still the most active person I know!!!
My wife Ruth… She is a beautiful blond bombshell and has the most drive, determination and dedication than anyone else I know! If she sets her mind on something she is like a tank…. nothing can stop her!!
But the most important figure in my life is GOD… he has protected me through everything I have ever gone through…. he has stood by me through everything and gave me the strength to fight anything in my way!! He is the one that gives me all my confidence, strength, determination and drive!! He is the one that makes the doctors scratch their heads…. since I was 21 the doctors have given me a death sentence…. I heard things like… (they told my parents) “Your son has got 48 hours to live”… when I survived… they told me on many occasions… “You will live a short life”…. “You will never be able to to play any type of sport”…. “You will always be a very sickly frail person”…. or “This cannot be done” or “That cannot be done”….. with GOD on your side! NOTHING can stop you!!!
Life is amazing this past weekend Ruth my myself went diving in Port Elizabeth at Bell Bouy and Riy Banks… It was the fist dives again since before the transplant and it felt so great!! Being able to dive again is a amazing feeling I was smiling under water!! We saw dolphins, Ragget Tooth Sharks, Pajama Sharks, Ray’s and millions of fish!!
With everything I have done in the last year and everything I am doing now….. If I can do this all… change my life… do everything my heart desires…. EVERYBODY can!!! It’s in anyone’s grasp!! All it takes is a little faith in yourself!! A little determination and knowing that nothing and no one can keep you from reaching your goals!!
My goals for the upcoming year is: –
Training: –
My weight is now about 86kg… I would like to push it up to about 90kg if I can. I obviously will never be able to eat tons of protein on take mountains of supplements but my goals in the gym is to still increase my training intensity and I would like to push my lifts up to: –
Bench Press – 140kg
Squat – 160kg
I am still training with Louis Bessinger (http://bessinger.co.za) we make a good team… he is young, strong and dedicated enough to come back for another workout the next day after I killed him!! ha ha… No.. Louis trains very hard, he is a world champion bodybuilder and he is the only one that will train at the intensity that I am training…. he swears at me a lot… lol… but he knows that it’s what he needs… The goal is to make him the youngest pro bodybuilder from South Africa!! Keep a eye on him!! So you can say I really enjoy killing him as much as I can… but I know the more I try and kill him the more I am pushing myself  and the better gains I will get!!
But with all the goals a person has for yourself the most important aspect of life is the here and now the time you spend with the people closes to you….. once a person had everything in life taken away from you and you manage to get most of it back… then you realize what’s important…. money, arguments, possessions everything becomes silly… all those things falls away and makes way for the real important things… your family and your partner….the here and now….! NOT tomorrow but NOW!
Health wise… I am still far from perfect and never will be and no-one knows what the future has in store for me! But why should I worry…. what difference is it going to make? God’s got my back!! I am can only take care of today… enjoy every second of life!!
Till my next update ALWAYS remember the following!!!
“NEVER give Up, NEVER give In!”

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