Good Results – Great Training – flu bad…

Time flies so quickly when you having fun…! Life after the kidney transplant have changed a lot! Now I think to myself… “Hell when am I going to find time to relax….

I have got so many things planned!” (mostly because of Ruth) – In the past a person thinks when am I going to have energy again to do the things I like to do!So far I have been training every day and hitting the gym very hard!! and for the first time since the transplant I got flu…. now generally getting flu after a kidney transplant is not a good thing because your immune system is lowered because of the Anti-Rejection medication so in theory, I should get a sick as a dog!! But happily I did not… I trained through it but at the end I took 3 days off training and that sorted that out!! All fixed!!
I have slowly upped my protein intake, it’s still not very high, I suppose I am taking in about 120 – 140 grams of protein a day and about a week ago I have had some more blood tests done and it came back great, my creatinine level have actually come down and the doctor is very happy with everything!
In the next couple of day’s I am planning to see if I can increase my protein intake a little bit more and I also want to include one supplement into my diet.
I am thinking about testing the supplement SPS TEST-RX. But always I have to be careful, I will have blood tests done weekly to check my creatinine level.
I am starting to get Louis (my training partner) ready for his shows this year in about 3 weeks so then we are going to step training up again, so I have to get myself ready for that training as well… lol… if Louis just know what is coming…. I’m going to kill him… no more rest… no more breaks… intensity 120%!!
In July we going to PE, Ruth has got the East Cape Horse Championships and we also going to go dive at the PE Dive festival… one day diving, one day horse jumping… one day diving one day horse jumping… its going to be great fun!
I’m still constantly studying web programming (PHP, Javascript, SQL, AJAX, CSS3, HTML5) and currently I am not only good at it, I am pretty damn good at it!!! and I can pretty much put any website together with the highest security and the most amazing features! You name it, I can do it! Online payments, social websites, CMS, bla bla bla… I find it all very exciting and the great thing about it, you can never stop learning and you can alway improve your code, better, faster, leaner, more secure!!!
I believe there are four important things people need in their lives and need to position them in the following important scales: – God, Relationship, Health, Education! and something everyone should stay away from is to watch TV!! It’s the thing that makes people lazy, it steals your time and it makes you fat because you are just going to sit on your ass!!! Be wise with your time, you are never going to get it back!!
“NEVER give Up, NEVER give In!”
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