Contests training….

Well time has flown and a lot have happened!!

Everybody in TEAM BUTTERTON are on target and looking sharp! The team members this year are:

  • Louis Bessinger
  • Keri Hart
  • Steve Nako
  • Julian Howe-Dreyer
Louis and my training are going great and we’re killing it every day! Well so far my blood tests from my kidney transplant have been excellent, so I have decided to try one supplement to see how it works and if it affects my blood tests or not…. I have started a supplement from the SPS range called TEST-RX. I have been using it now for two week and I have definitely become stronger (to Louis dismay… lol) I have had the flue for the longest time, but trained through it and finally got rid of it…. We are training our whole body twice a week and trying to increase our intensity all the time! I am pretty impressed with TEST-RX it does what it says… no gimmick! Tomorrow I am having some more blood tests done, so we will see how it turns out!
Well, I have finally decided to start giving online training because so many people are asking for it, I’ve got so much experience and knowledge to get people in contest shape and now I am offering it to people online…. BUT!! READ ON!
I will only train competitive bodybuilders! I am not interested in helping or advising people that are not 120% dedicated… I don’t want people to baby!! I want competitors that are willing to do what it takes to be the best! This online training I offer is NOT cheap! And before I accept to train anyone they need to send me their competitive history! I will only except competitors that made the top 6 at any National competition!!!
Our house is finally going to build starting next week!! Ruth and myself can’t wait… We pretty tired living at the Kennaway Court… Nice sea view.. but hell… enough is enough!!
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