Team Progress – Border Close…

Mr Border is 3 weeks away and everybody in the team is starting to sharpen up very nicely!

Louis is guest posing for Border, his body fat is just below 8.3% now and we should have it down to about 6% by Border, everything for Louis is geared towards SA Champs so for Border we are not going to pull out all the stops, we are sticking to our plan!!

Keri, Steve and Julian is on target for Border, at Border they will be about 98% ready, but SA Champs is the target! Always have  your eye in the bigger picture and never sweat the small stuff!! Even though Mr Border have got great competitors, mentally you cannot worry about the competitions at Border, you aim for SA Champs to blow them away so that ultimately you go to the World Champs!

Louis and my training sessions are getting more intense the closer the show comes, and just as Louis thinks this is the hardest we can push it… I force us to push it a bit further!!
Well Louis has got no choice! For a while now already we know what the difference is in the weights he uses and what I use… So if I get stronger then he’s got no choice to go heavier… he is forced to… he has to keep the gap between us the same… but…
As I updated last time, I started a supplement from SPS TEST-RX, well this stuff really works! I am getting stronger very quickly! and I don’t think Louis is too happy about it!!… Lol… today’s workout was heavy, hard, fast and intense! to the point where both of us wanted to get sick… pretty funny if you ask me!
Best of all with TEST-RX it’s totally fine for me to take it, I went to have some blood tests done to see how it effects the medication I take for the kidney transplant and everything is perfect! No problems at all!! So I’m pretty happy about that!
“NEVER give Up, NEVER give In!”
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