Life is Amazing!

My training is going great and my strength is going up every workout! Much to Louis dismay! It’s about 6 weeks before SA Champs and Louis is starting to sharpen up nicely. I am very impressed with this SPS TEST-RX supplement! My bench press has gone up to 130kg…. It does not sound like much, but last year May I was bench pressing 30kg!! My weight is now just over 86 kg. Our Leg workouts have been absolutely crazy and every morning after our workout when I get to work, I get to my desk and sit down in shock… It feels awesome!!

A company called Ink-Pixal is doing documentary on Louis, his road to the SA Champs, to have a short preview of what is still coming go check this out –
You know… every now and again I look back at what I have been through with kidney failure and I realize how blessed I am to get my life back to where it is now! I read through some of my diary’s that I wrote before the transplant…. It helps to not forget what I went through and makes me appreciate life so much more. Below is write up’s that I wrote about some of the day’s I experienced:-
Well I increased my protein intake to 3 shakes a day so that I can increase my albumin in my blood so I can get more healthy for the transplant (advised to me by my doctors because my albumin(protein) is too low). But yesterday after returning from work I started feeling a bit nausea… but too bad…
Ruth came home about 5h15pm and I felt weird but OK… gave her big kisses because I miss her alot every day!!!
About 10 min later I threw up for the first time, but only a little… I had a shower and felt worse as the minutes passed…
We had to visit some friends and I thought that I will just ignore it… but before we left I threw up a lot more…
I thought that it was something in my stomach that was causing it and now that it should be out I should be fine… I brushed my teeth and we left… I had lot’s of pain but I did not want to spoil the night for everyone…
As we arrived at our friends house… I could not even say hello… just “where is the bathroom?”… I threw up again… and again… and everything I had… water… coke.. whatever made it worse….
We left about a hour later, with me being in lot’s of pain and rushing to throw up some more at home… eventually I got in a boiling hot bath and drank a very strong sleeping tablet….
I think I got in the bath twice after that… but after that I cannot remember a lot….
Even this morning… All I remember is that Ruth took me to my mom’s house and then the day started clearing up after a couple of hours….
Real horrible and painful experience… not advisable
It’s hard to forget those days, but I am glad I don’t! I live life now for today! Now… I don’t put anything out… I don’t wait for tomorrow!! Life is AWESOME!
  • I make sure that my friends are real friends!
  • I don’t have time for silly little arguments…
  • I don’t sweat the small stuff!
  • I Forgive and Forget!
  • My Word is my Honor – What I say I do, and what i do I say… (try that!)
  • I don’t hide ANYTHING from ANYONE!
  • I keep my promises!
  • I train my ass off and I don’t make excuses and lastly….
  • I don’t barbell curl in the SQUAT RACK!!!
“NEVER give Up, NEVER give In!”
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