Magic Week Starts – SA Champs


Everyone in TEAM BUTTERTON has entered into “THE MAGIC WEEK” as I like to put it! It’s the week before a contest where things really change…. It’s when we pull all the tricks out of the bag to make sure everyone’s skin becomes paper thin and their muscles are full and round! It’s a real art being able to do it!

The only way I can explain what happens to a bodybuilder in “MAGIC WEEK” is like this: –

Every morning when you wake up and you look at yourself in the mirror you think – “Hell, I look good, I’m ready for the show, I cannot get any better!”….. but then…

The next day you wake up and you look in the mirror again and you say – “Hell… I can’t believe it… I am looking more sharper, more ripped… I must be at my best!!”… but then…

You Go To Bed…. You Wake Up….. Guess What…. You Say – “Sh$# I am looking even better… it’s in possible…”… every day till contest day!


So the whole team has entered into Magic week and everyone is excited for the show!

I have pushed everyone in the team very hard – Keri Hart has already been picked to enter the IFBB World Champs, it will be held one week after SA Champs!
Steve Nako is going to compete in the under 75kg division – He looks like a bloody machine! Extreme thick muscle!!!!! and VERY ripped! he is going to be hard to beat!
Julian Howe-Dreyer – This year from since when he joined the team till now… he has changed so much! I was laughing at him to day… his legs are so vascular…. a person needs a GPS when you look at them…. over 40’s here we come!!

Louis Bessinger – Our training this year was crazy, but I enjoyed every second of it… just like I am helping Louis to get ready for this show… he helped me a lot as well, without him even knowing! Getting a kidney transplant is not easy… and taking your life back afterward is even harder!! I’m the most hard headed person in the world, but with me training with Louis it forced me to wake up at 4h40am to be in the gym for every workout… for me to push Louis hard enough for SA Champs I had to push myself twice as hard…. without showing him I was tired… It helped me to get over the transplant in record time!! It gave me a reason not to be lazy… it forced me to force myself to get better… train harder…. get bigger… get my life back!!!! I”M BACK and I will…..

“NEVER give up, NEVER give in!”

3 weeks from SA Champs Louis was running behind schedule, some year’s you get in shape very quickly… this year was not one of them… so 3 weeks before SA Champs I had to push Louis past his limits… for a long time… at times he looked like the walking dead… but I could not feel sorry for him… if I did then I would fail him and he would not be in shape… so I pushed even harder!!! Well done Louis it was a hard couple of weeks, but you make it… We got you ready… you are ready to rock…!!!

SA CHAMP here we come!!


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