Progress..!!! Yeah!

OK all athletes in the team did great at SA Champs! Everybody made Top 3 except for Steve… but for his first real year in competing and stepping into a lineup of about 20 guy’s he made the top 10! and let me tell you… the top 10 guy’s were all bloody great, what a line up! Louis placed second in his division, for his first shot at knocking the Seniors off the mountain, he rocked the boat for them! Keri went to the World Champs and placed in the top 15 the week after SA Champs, what a achievement!!!

Since then, we have been hitting the gym even harder and have had awesome workouts! Everyone in the team is already starting to put on size for next year!
Louis is doing a guest posing event in Mauritius in November about 18 days or so from now! We have been working more on his diet and since SA Champs have made him bigger and harder! We have also been concentrating on Legs more, getting his legs, calves and hamstrings bigger is a big thing and I have been smashing him every single workout!! Even my strength have been rocketing up every workout!! and if my strength go up, I force Louis to go up as well… he got no choice!!! in the last 2 weeks my squats jumped 10kg! Im pretty chuffed with that, after my transplant last March I squatted 30kg.. now I manage 140kg!
A lot of people ask me how to get their legs bigger or how to get stronger, what’s the secret?? Well there are just one… SQUATS! not Leg Press… Not Leg Extension… not Hack Squats… just Squats!! Squats is something that you have to be scared of, but it’s something you love doing and afterwards it give you the best feeling of accomplishment… better than any other workout! How to do it is also very important! If you want big legs, you will squat deep and high non stop reps… So if you going to do 15 reps, don’t do 10, then 3, then 2…. thats rubbish!! 15 straight… bang! I know it hurts and it’s more difficult… but if you want to get big legs.. thats what you do!! Ask Louis… he know’s the drill… he gave up on asking why or complaining about it… he know’s… I don’t care… Squat!!! and if you stop between your reps, I will minus 2 reps!!
I invented something about 15 years ago called NO HESITATION SQUATS…. The team knows it pretty well and I am sure Louis has nightmares about it often! No hesitations you do after all your squats… You take a weight that you can just manage to squat 25 reps with at that stage of smashed’ness… you do three sets of 25 reps WITHOUT STOPPING between any reps.. bang bang bang… like a piston of a car… every time a take a pause between any reps MINUS two reps!!! after you stop your first set you and you racked the bar… immediately walk to a point about 5 meters away touch the wall, bar or whatever…. walk back to the squat rack and WITHOUT HESITATION pick up the squat rack and start your second set IMMEDIATELY – NO HESITATION AT ALL!! Do your 25 reps… every time you stop minus two reps… finish your reps… put the bar down… walk to the point again and start for the third set!! If you do this correctly and with the right weight, by this stage you should not be able to walk properly…. WELCOME TO NO HESITATION SQUATS!!!
“NEVER give up, NEVER give in!”
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