What on the cards?

One year has passed since my last update! Not that I have been lazy, it’s just that I have been so busy! But thats all good!!
All my athletes in #teambutterton is currently in off season and will compete next year only! So currently I am trying to force Louis to put on as much size as possible, it’s working so far, his weight has gone up to 120kg! Currently I have worked out a training schedule for us that’s a combination between MI40X and HIT training mixed in with the best of my own training.

The team has gained 2 new members – Max “The Detonator” Watermeyer and Kevin Kotze, both guy’s have competed before a while ago, both is very good, I just need them to commit to a contest date…. now come on guy’s!!!

Since Louis and I have started this new training I felt my strength coming back and my weight going up slightly, currently my weight is 86.5kg and my body fat is still stupid low… about 6%. But something else has also changed for me lately… I don’t know if its that i’m finally recovered from the transplant or my body has totally adjusted to the anti-rejection medication, but I feel different in the gym, I’m more focused, I don’t get tired so quick during a set and I feel more in control of the weights, instead of the other way around! I feel its time I can push my weight up the the 90kg mark and in the process force Louis to stay ahead of me strength wise!

I am going to start to write articles on different subjects about bodybuilding, for example off season diets, training methods, off season training, contest diets or just things people ask me to write about, so if there is anything you want up here just send me a message through my contact form.


“NEVER give up, NEVER give in!”

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