My view on Bodybuilding basics

There is a couple of areas I would like to discuss regarding bodybuilding basics, all these views I implemented in the time I competed from 1991 to 2004 and in that time I have gained a total of 52kg of muscle as you can see below:

Change from start to finish
Change from start to finish

I do believe everyone is different with different fast and slow muscle fibers and different genetic makeups, BUT nothing will change; the basics stay the basics!!

Breaking through all the red tape the whole meaning and task of a bodybuilder is to build muscle and if you break the understanding of that down to the bare minimum it means:

“Breaking down muscle fibers, nutrition, rest to grow – repeat”

Now what’s the difference between taking anabolic steroids and training naturally? If for example the above statement is a growth cycle, then training naturally will give you about 24 growth cycles a year (2 a month only), with anabolic steroids you can get in as much as 96 growth cycles a year!! You can grow 4+ times faster with steroids!!!

Now let’s talk about steroids – In my career I have only done 1 x GH cycle for 8 weeks and thought it was crap, I have done about 5 insulin cycles, I have never used IFG1 LR3 or any other peptide. I only did light pyramid steroid cycles of 8 weeks on and 4 weeks off everything! I will explain why taking too much steroids and never going off is silly and you are just wasting your money!

Let’s say you taking for example a cycle of Sustenon 500mg and Deca 300mg and let’s take our above growth cycle statement as an example, you train and break down your muscle fibers, now you eat and rest, steroids helps to repair the muscle breakdown quickly (that’s it’s function), now it’s repaired to 100%….. Taking 1000mg of Sustenon is not going to make you grow faster or repair more than 100%, when your muscle is repaired, it’s repaired!!! Done and dusted!!! The only thing it’s going to do is give you side effects of carrying water and that will make you gain FALSE weight, you going lose that again and it’s going to retard your receptor sites so that 1000mg does nothing!!!! Then you have to go up!!! It’s stupid!!!

Going back to basics in your steroid approach is the safest and wisest thing you can do! With basics I mean work your cycles out to last no longer than 8 weeks and pyramid your cycles, start with a low dose, work up to a moderate dose on about week 5 then work down again to week 8. Then take off 4 weeks off all steroids but do a good PCT cycle to fix your endocrinal system and the break will give your receptor sites a break as well, so that when you go back on cycle then you don’t have to go much higher at all!

Let’s discuss dieting: These day’s I see a lot of bodybuilders try low carbs or no carbs with high fats, high protein, there is so many different diets these days, but go look at all the bodybuilding shows these days guys are either cut but lost so much muscle and look flat or they are so full but far from contest shape, bodybuilders these days lost that full cut dry look! Most bodybuilders swear that you must eat steak to get big… that is a load of rubbish!! Take a bodybuilders diet and break it down to the basics… It’s called nutrients!! Calories, protein, carbohydrates and fats!!! That’s it…. Don’t tell me when you eat a steak your body knows it’s a steak and thinks… ahh a steak, now I’m going to get big…. Rubbish! When you eat food, no matter what it is, your stomach acids breaks it down to a liquid, afterwards it goes through your small intestine where all the protein, fats and carbohydrates gets taken up…. It’s arbitrary what it is…. At the end of the day it’s NUTRIENTS!! A Whey protein shake is the same as a steak! Protein! So bodybuilders must stop eating for themselves or how things taste, eat for nutrients!! The basics, try make your diet as simple as possible and never skip a meal – dieting is still a huge topic and at the end of the day it’s the most important thing in a bodybuilders life… if you can’t get it right or you are not disciplined… do another sport!!!

Training – Here once again there is so many training principles! HIT training, MIX40, dog crap training…. Bla bla bla… we can carry on for much longer… all of those training principles will not work if you don’t follow our above growth cycle sentence! “Breaking down muscle fibers, nutrition, rest to grow – repeat” All your training is supposed to do is break down muscle fibers!! I don’t care how you do it! Powerlifting style, bodybuilding style or whatever… the main point is to break down muscle fibers. My training style of choice is high intensity nonstop training, anything I can think of to make the workout as difficult as possible is usually what I would do!

When I used to compete, after every training session I would sit down and have some quiet time to myself where I would review my own workout in my head, I would go through every set I did and all the reps I got and I would question myself.. Could I do more? Lots of time I came to the conclusion that I was lazy, I would then write down what I aim for in my next workout… I have kept a full diary of all my training, dieting, cycles and everything I did since I started and it’s usually a good way to see if you making progress or not!!!

One last bit of advice I can give to everyone! Off season and contest time is two total opposite sides of a bodybuilders year. Off season you want to train your body to forget everything you going to do contest time, that would mean not taking any body fat burners, increasing your carbs a lot, not taking any contest anabolic, change your training, doing everything opposite from contest time, it’s all in aid of when contest time comes then your body is primed (or must I say not used to) everything contest time is going to throw at it!! The changes in your body would be fast and amazing; I used to prep for a show in 6 weeks!

At the end of the day to more boring a bodybuilder’s life is and the more routine he has the better he will become! And that’s the truth!!

Last point – Stop searching Google for the magic answer on how to get big! Get back to basics, put your head down and be patient… growth will come!

“NEVER give up, NEVER give in!”

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