Food for Thought…

Once again lots of time has passed… from this year I endeavour to update my blog much more often and in this update I will try to explain why!

This blog and blog entry is more an entry of my life, things I plan and also just things going on in my head! So if you are not interested or do not know me, rather don’t waste your time…. Click away now! Lol…

Everyone has heard the saying “Don’t sweat the small stuff…” Well that’s where I stand currently in my life… I have realised people (and in the past myself included) take life and themselves way too serious…. For example… make a joke with someone these day’s and they get a fit… I always find that funny!

Everyone always cares so much what people think of them…. I must say I have never cared who thinks what of me and I have always slept peacefully… I only care what one person thinks of me and that’s my partner, friend and wife, Ruth! Everyone else including my friends can go jump, they unfortunately have to except me the way I am and if you are one of my close friends then you will know not to take it too serious, I will always have your back! I’m one of those word.. honour… unwritten rules kind of guy’s….

Well it’s the beginning of another year and as I looked back; since my transplant nearly 3 years ago; I asked myself what exciting things have I done since then…. It’s about my 3rd chance at life I and I need to do as much as possible….. So I realised, I have been training very hard and make great gains, I don’t look like the normal guy in the street anymore but that’s not going to build memories…. I have worked VERY hard at my normal work and have started 2 new ventures that is paying off very well, but is that going to build memories??? Those things are very important to me… but they are just normal day to day things that people use as an excuse not to do something extra or out of the ordinary!! Coz they “tired” or too “busy”

So I have decided for 2015 Ruth & myself are going to do something crazy and exciting every month of this year! We have just bought a GoPro 4 Black to video everything and I will be uploading all our adventures every month! So keep tuned!!!!

This coming weekend 30th Jan 2015 to the 1st Feb 2015 we going to Aliwal Shoal – Umkomaas; we have booked 4 dives, one of them is at a dive site called Raggies Cave where it’s currently Raggie breeding season…. So come check out the video!

Next month it’s either going to be Bungi Jumping or Sky Diving!

If anyone got any ideas, let us know, we will video everything and upload the outcome.

Learn to say more YES in life and stop looking for excuses!!

“NEVER give up, NEVER give in!”

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