Aliwal Shoal Scuba Diving – GoPro 4 Black

Well January is finished and at the end we crammed in as much in as we could!!

Friday 30th January 2015 we drove up to Umkomaas for some long awaited scuba diving. Saturday morning we woke up very early and got ready for a double dive at 7am. We went out about 4 km in some massive swell, 2 meters high… problem is I get seasick… ha ha… well I managed to keep everything down for the first dive, we dived on a wreck called the MV Produce, amazing shipwreck about 32m deep and awesome views.

When I got back on the boat, I could not keep anything down anymore and became a human “vomit” machine…. so I could not do the second dive… I can’t remember when I was that sick ever in my life!!

We finished the diving for the day, had some lunch and drove up to Durban to go visit Ushaka Aquarium and the Water World! Ha Ha Ha…. we felt like kids again going on all the rides and tornado slides….

Sunday morning I managed to get a seasick tablet from one of our diving friends and we headed out again in some bigger swell!! It felt like a perfect storm…. the swell was 2.5 meters high, but happily the tablet helped!! We dived at the dive site called “The Chunnel” – The current was pretty strong but the viz was excellent with the most amazing sea life we saw!!

Below is a short video that we made…. hope you enjoy!

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