Enjoying lunch at Stromsriver mouth.

Let’s catch up!

I’m starting up my blog again to keep all my friends up to date with what’s happening in my life.. ie.. Kidney failure, transplant.. what’s coming and what we busy with currently or just what we up to, so if you are interested sign onto this blog and you will get a notice with all new blog posts.

Enjoying lunch at Stromsriver mouth.
Enjoying lunch at Storms River mouth.

This is going to be a bit of a long catch up, but I’ll try keep it short! 2017 have been great for Ruth and myself in all aspects but what was really difficult was my kidney failure. At the beginning of 2017 my eGFR (% at what kidney’s are working) was about 22%, so I was tired all the time but I could force myself through every day and still train but I had to reduce my protein intake allot to try and keep the poison in my blood as little as possible so I started losing allot of weight (muscle), but I could accept it because I did it for a purpose!

But as the year progressed my eGFR dropped slowly… my first drop was to 17%, then 13%… I could still force myself to get up and get things done, but you still get a day here and there that your body says stop and break totally… only rest and sleep helps.. at times my urea would build up too much and I would throw up and up and up and up… but you have to shake it off and pick yourself up coz I have got many people relying on me! Ha ha… I have emailed diets to guy’s at time even from hospital 1 hour before a major operation… In life I have learned that once you say something you have to do it.. I live by a motto of “What you say is what you do!”… Kidney failure is something that happened to me and it’s my cross to carry so I don’t ever tell people how crap I always feel or if my bones ache so much that I find it hard to walk on a particular day and in any case the more a person talk about your sickness or moan the more people treat a person differently and that’s the last thing I want!! I might currently have kidney failure but I want to be treated the same as the next guy!

I do have some amazing people in my life and every now and again when I fall down or are too weak to do something they would help! The two biggest people that help me are Ruth and Thinus Germishuizen, without them…. I don’t know what I would have done…

At the end of 2016 I was in Johannesburg to have a work up for a kidney transplant but they found out that I had cancer in one of my old kidneys… to cut a very long story short I had major surgery again and had that kidney removed, luckily the cancer was encapsulated inside of the kidney and they could remove it all without me having to have chemo done! but trust me that was a whopper of a operation!!

To the end of the year in November we decided to book a holiday to Zanzibar and even though I felt really really dead… every morning I woke up I was weak, cold, tired and I just could not eat, I was convinced I could push myself harder just so that we could have the holiday, we even payed for the whole thing upfront… but at the end of November I had some more blood tests done and saw my eGFR dropped down to 8%, my HB (hemoglobin) was down to 7 and my urea went over 30!! all those was in dangerous levels and if something happens to me in Zanzibar I would have been in really big trouble.. So we called my Nephrologist in Cape Town, he was slightly upset with me because I did not want to have dialysis done, I wanted to hold out for another kidney transplant in 2018 (many reasons, that’s another blog all by itself)… but my levels was so low I had no choice…. my doc told me to get my ass to Cape Town asap!! There went Zanzibar…. easy come… easy go!

So 11 November 2017 we drove to Cape Town and my sister called me and gave me the amazing news that she is willing to donate her kidney to me, she is about my age, healthy, perfect blood match and because she is my sister we would not need approval from the government. That’s amazing because that would speed the kidney transplant up by month’s… but all we need to do now is to try and convince the doctor to do it because the 2 year waiting period after I had cancer…

So when I arrived in Cape Town I had a permanent chest catheter inserted into my chest that goes down to my veca cava artery in my chest for dialysis… I had a couple of dialysis sessions in hospital, I started feeling much better after a day or so…

Currently I’m having dialysis in Port Elizabeth on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 4 hours every time! Trust me that’s no fun, being hooked up to a machine that long is crap! So I have been having dialysis for a couple of weeks now and I feel much better… best of all is I can eat like a beast again… I have even picked up 4kg in the last 3 weeks!! Whooo haa… awesome! But a person is not 100% normal like this.. I recon a person feel about 80% normal on dialysis, my HB (hemoglobin) is still very low, so I still feel very tired but I’m not cold anymore and I feel much better!

So what’s next? My transplant case was presented to the transplant board in Cape Town on their last meeting of 2017 (they have 1 meeting a month) on that meeting the majority felt that I had to wait till my waiting period of 2 years of being cancer free is done and that’s November 2018… but my Nephrologist thinks if he present my case better if he could convince them then I could have the transplant sooner, so let’s hope and pray!

I have had kidney failure for 8 years now and I had a kidney transplant in 2012 (kidney kept me going but was never perfect) and in this time I have had so many realizations on what’s important in life and what is not! I’m not going to preach to anyone but I have realized that the only important thing is anyone’s life is their partner, family, health and the times you laugh with all of them all other things are just extra’s! Basically do good things to others and others will do good things to you! One hand washes the other… but it must start with you!

I’ll update this blog more often with updates on what the doctors decide and when we are starting the workup and also when the transplant is going to happen… when the transplant does occur I will update daily with photo’s and everything like with my last transplant. It will also contain updates on all my athletes I get ready for their bodybuilding shows and all my general things!

Till then.

“NEVER give in! NEVER give up!”
Roy Butterton

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