Ordinary week…. but some news.

So time flies so quickly and so much happens in a persons life that you forget most things from past events. If a person does not sit down and document things (like i’m doing now) then halve your life will be forgotten! So in this blog post I’m just going to go through what happened in our lives in the last week or two… Dialysis, training, aches and pains… and funny friends.

Memorial wall of death

So since my last entry in the blog life through a couple of jabs at me again but I suppose life does that to everyone! My body is still repairing and getting more healthy since I have been on dialysis but it’s still very breakable or fragile.. for example we went to go for a long walk on the beach to walk the huskies, I was wearing slops… the next day when I woke up I had this incredible pain in the shins, I thought nothing of it but it got worse over the next couple of day’s until I could not walk anymore. Embarrassingly I went to the doctor and it turned out to be a severe case of shin splints… ha ha, I thought someone cut my legs off… a couple of day’s later the pain subsided…

So for the last couple of weeks Ruth any myself have been learning how to put me on the dialysis machine and take me off again… it’s quite intense coz the machine sucks 350 ml of blood out of you per minute, you can’t have any bubbles go into you and you have to work extremely sterile!! But we getting the hang of it, We just go to the dialysis center and we do everything ourselves without any help from the nurses. Ruth must still do her CPR course and another 4 weeks of training then we will start doing dialysis at home.

When a person start going on dialysis your remaining kidney function drops even further so they don’t remove anything out of your body anymore, the dialysis machine does it. I learned the hard way one day when I wanted to have a early night sleep, I took a strong sleeping pill… ha ha well did I sleep, yes too well… I was so smashed the next day I could hardly do anything because the effect of the sleeping pill stayed in my system till I had it removed with the dialysis machine… that was crap! But so we learn!

With all the aches and pain it prevented me to train every day, so I just trained when I could, but my weight increased some more, so since I started dialysis and I could eat more and train a bit better I have gained 10 kg but I think my weight will stay around here for now until I get another transplant.

We are helping a very good friend of our Anthony Kay (horse rider extraordinaire) to enter his first physique contest. He has selected a show in Durban so we will go down for that. Ruth have been training with him in our gym at home and I have been smashing both of them… The first day Anthony was here was very funny, he could hardly walk afterward (even though he trained like a girl.. ha ha) but since then he has made huge improvements and his training has improved immensely!  His show is the 24th of March so lets see how he does.

I think this year is going to be a huge year for bodybuilding! In that I mean with the split with the IFBB amateur division making a Elite Pro leage and the NPC having the IFBB Pro League (Mr Olympia) bodybuilders will have to choose their bodybuilding path… but another newcomer PCA has come to forefront!! If the PCA plays their card right this year and looks after the athletes then IFBB is going to have a very disappointing future… it all depends on who looks after their athletes the most!

That’s all the news for now folks and don’t forget….

“NEVER give in, NEVER give up!”

Roy Butterton

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