Next week workup starts!

Days flow into day’s and week go so fast! Life pass you by if you don’t live for today! It was my birthday the other day it came and is gone without any significance even though we had a great time with my family in Hogsback. What I’m actually saying is “don’t sweat the small stuff in life, wake up every morning and say to yourself today is my last day, what do I want to achieve?”

Currently as I’m writing this I’m having dialysis done and directly afterwards we will be flying to Durban for the IFBB Novice show (KZN). I have been prepping a friend of ours (Anthony Kay) he has never done any type of show and we only had 11 week prep time for him, from never really seriously training and having 22.8% body fat till what we have now at about 8% body fat!! He has come a long way and I killed him daily in the gym, but he always came back for more! It’s going to be very interesting to see how he does.

Next week we will be starting the first series of blood tests for our workup for my kidney transplant. If all goes perfectly I think we could have the transplant done by June, if there is some hiccups then the latest should be by August this year! But there is allot of stuff to do before that, blood tests, MRI scans, X-ray’s, sonar scans scopes… then lastly another set of blood cross match tests.

Currently with dialysis it’s no way to live, you don’t die and that’s a good thing, but you really don’t live the way you want to either… it’s a kind of limbo… forget making gains in the gym… you just train to stay healthy and even that is pretty exhausting! Live is pretty much still exhausting but you cannot focus on that in my situation, that will kill you… I wake up early, I train and work my ass off till I pretty much crash in the afternoon, in this way time goes by quick and the transplant can happen quicker!

Having someone in your life like I do – Ruth, is pretty much like having a 100 carat black diamond in your possession, you look after it and it’s worth to you more than anything else in life, including your own life. I have met along this kidney failure road a couple of people that have given up fighting, in some of their cases they lost their life, but with my black diamond I cannot and will not give up, life can hit me, punch me and cut me but stand will I stand, I have enough fight in me for 100 people. Do you posses a black diamond?

Till next week when the workup starts.

“NEVER give in, NEVER give up!”

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