Roy Butterton:

I am a Microsoft Computer Engineer, Cisco Engineer and Web developer. Early on in my life I was a international Competitive bodybuilder and won numerous bodybuilding contests. Currently I work for Kat Leisure and in my private life I try and do as much as possible, training, scuba diving, motorcycle riding, camping and whatever life might throw my way!! I manage a team of bodybuilders and I make champions of them! I do their training, dieting, supplementation everything up to contest day! The best guy in the team is Louis Bessinger the current 2012 Junior Over-All World Champion!

Ruth Butterton:

I am a an accountant, my passions are competitive show jumping, diving, bike riding, camping and anything outdoor. I have an adventurous spirit which is matched only by my husband. I currently work for Prestons Liquor as accountant as well as overseeing the administration of the pay roll. I am blessed out of my socks…

We got married on the 24 October 2009 – We are very a very energetic and busy couple and do EVERYTHING together! Soon after we got married I (Roy) got diagnosed with kidney failure… Pretty tough, but on the 27th March 2012 I got a kidney transplant (donated by my mother). Since then I got my life back and I am back into training.