Let’s catch up!

I’m starting up my blog again to keep all my friends up to date with what’s happening in my life.. ie.. Kidney failure, transplant.. what’s coming and what we busy with currently or just what we up to, so if you are interested sign onto this blog and you will get a notice with all….

Let’s catch up!

Food for Thought…

Once again lots of time has passed… from this year I endeavour to update my blog much more often and in this update I will try to explain why!

What on the cards?

One year has passed since my last update! Not that I have been lazy, it’s just that I have been so busy! But thats all good!!

Life is Amazing!

My training is going great and my strength is going up every workout! Much to Louis dismay! It’s about 6 weeks before SA Champs and Louis is starting to sharpen up nicely. I am very impressed with this SPS TEST-RX supplement! My bench press has gone up to 130kg…. It does not sound like much,….