Fistula Removal – Supplements & Diet

Well Finally the Stupid Fistula is removed, What the doctor did is connect a Artery to the Bicep vein to push more blood through it for in case I needed to have dialysis, but I never needed it, so now I could have it removed! I am very happy about that!! It was bloody ugly!….

4 Weeks Post Transplant

Time has gone by and it’s been 4 weeks post transplant! Things have gone great so far and I feel on top of the world! Well the last couple of day’s I have been so bored that I nearly pulled my hair out… So this morning I woke up and I said, enough is enough!

In gym already!!…

Back at the gym already… No not really, I just came with Ruth & Kerry this morning because the gym is normally dead on Sunday morning…. Ok, ok… I did pick up a weight or two, I could not resist.. Felt great! Can’t wait to really start!

Friday afternoon…. Still in “prison”

It’s been 25 day’s since the operation and every day so far this week I felt better and better! Less pain on the operation site and currently it’s only very mildly sore.. very little…

Monday 16th April 2012 – Blood tests.

Hemoglobin – 10.3 up from 10.0 (should be 13 -17) Haemotocrit – 32 up from 30 (should be 40 – 50) Platelet Count – 49 up from 39 (should be 150 – 450) White Cell Count – 2.0 down from 2.9 (should be 3.92 – 9.88)