Magic Week Starts – SA Champs

Everyone in TEAM BUTTERTON has entered into “THE MAGIC WEEK” as I like to put it! It’s the week before a contest where things really change…. It’s when we pull all the tricks out of the bag to make sure everyone’s skin becomes paper thin and their muscles are full and round! It’s a real art….

Life is Amazing!

My training is going great and my strength is going up every workout! Much to Louis dismay! It’s about 6 weeks before SA Champs and Louis is starting to sharpen up nicely. I am very impressed with this SPS TEST-RX supplement! My bench press has gone up to 130kg…. It does not sound like much,….

Contests training….

Well time has flown and a lot have happened!! Everybody in TEAM BUTTERTON are on target and looking sharp! The team members this year are:

Good Results – Great Training – flu bad…

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Time flies so quickly when you having fun…! Life after the kidney transplant have changed a lot! Now I think to myself… “Hell when am I going to find time to relax….