Blood tests for Kidney Transplant

Haemoglobin – 10.0 down from 10.6 (should be 13 -17) Haemotocrit – 30.0 down from 32.4 (should be 40 – 50) Platelet Count – 39 down from 53 (should be 150 – 450) White Cell Count – 2.9 down from 3.75 (should be 3.92 – 9.88)

Conclusion – Each Person’s Journey! Roy – Recipient (Account of my journey)

I started feeling the effect that my kidneys were damaged from about 2006, I never knew it was my kidneys, I just thought I was lazy and I needed to force myself to get up quicker or run faster or train harder… “This tiredness” that I was feeling was just laziness! But in 2008 I….

Conclusion – Each Person’s Journey! Sarie – Doner (Account of her journey)

When I heard Roy was in kidney failure my first feelings were shock, fear and the immediate feeling that I would help him with a kidney without thinking twice. At this stage, I did not know about compatibility or any complications. I am a person that makes a decision and then act on it, come….

Conclusion – Each Person’s Journey! Ruth – (account of her journey)

I remember it like it was yesterday. The day we were told Roy had kidney failure and it was inevitable that he would require dialysis and then a transplant. I remember having to go back to work and feeling numb with the shock and then fear. We were married for only a year when his….